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World Of Tanks Cheats

This is World of Tanks Cheats, ultimate tool which will help you in mastering this massively popular game! World of Tanks Cheats is complex multihack tool with 5 separate hacks incorporated. For easier understanding we will describe each tab briefly, while separate articles will cover them in details.

WOT Cheats Connect Tab

WOT Cheats Tab Coinnected

Upon starting World of Tanks Cheats this is the first tab to appear. It is used for connection to the game server and applying all hacks and cheats found here. World of Tanks Cheats: Connect Tab is also very important for safe use and proper work of all our hacks thanks to several anti ban measures available here. Using WOT Cheats is extremely easy thanks to user friendly interface, but we will provide short instructions here for better understanding and proper use of our multihack tool. After opening World of Tanks Cheats Connect Tab, a player must choose his gaming platform. This WOT Cheats works for PC and Xbox version of World of Tanks. After choosing game platform (PC or Xbox 360), next step is entering your game ID. Next two options are extremely important for your safety, as their proper use prevents any possible problems or, in the worst case, bans for using World of Tanks Cheats. First option is “Use proxy”. Checking this option will mask your real IP address, which is very important for safe use of Gold and Credit hacks. Last option is mode of connection, which can be “Safe mode” or “Fast mode”. Turning Safe mode on is recommended before using Hack tab and Premium Generator Tab of World of Tanks Cheats. For Gold and credit hack tab, this option is not obligatory. Safe mode almost doubles the time of Connection process and can sometimes apply minimal lag to your game, but it applies safe protocols which will make impossible for server security software to recognize changes and applied hacks in your game version. Of course, you can use all these hacks without “Safe mode” but we can’t guarantee they will be applied successfully. On the other hand, “Fast mode” makes connection as fast as possible, and since gold and credits hacks don’t modify your game code it can be safely used with these tabs. After you checked all the options needed, last step is to press “Connect” button in the bottom of the screen. After “Successfully Connected” message appears you can close Connect tab and continue using other World of Tanks Cheats tabs.

WOT Gold Hack Tab

World Of Tanks Gold Hack

This is probably most wanted tab of World of Tanks Cheats. Gold is premium currency in WOT, and seeing its importance, it is no wonder players are desperate for more gold. We made special effort about this tab, trying our best to make it safe and efficient. Special hack mechanism and anti ban procedures will be described in separate article; it is enough to say here that after patch 0.9.10 this remains the only working World of Tanks Gold hack on the entire net. Using this tab is simple; as the only option is choosing the amount of Gold. For easy managing, we added options of 3000, 4500, 6500, 9000, 20000 and 40000 gold which can be selected. After selecting wanted amount, all you need to do is press “Add Gold” button beneath and wait for “Gold Successfully Added” option to appear. We already advised “Use proxy” option to be activated before using World of Tanks Cheats Gold Hack, and as additional precaution to be taken we suggest restarting your game and reconnecting World of Tanks Cheats before going on.

Credit Generator Tab

World Of Tanks Credit Generator

Credits, or as player like to call them “Silver” is the primary currency earned in game. For easier and less stressful economy in game, we made this hack. As previous tab, World of Tanks Credit Generator Tab is also very easy to use. Choices of 10.000, 50.000, 100.000, 250.000, 500.000, 1.000.000 and 10.000.000 credits are available for selection. After selecting wanted amount of credits, just press “Add Credits” button and wait for “Credits Successfully Added” message to appear before you can close this tab and continue playing. Precautions to be taken in this case are “Use proxy” option from the Connect tab and reconnecting to the game server after use of World of Tanks Cheats Credit Generator Tab.

World Of Tanks Hacks Tab

World Of Tanks Hacks And Cheats

World of Tanks Hacks Tab is fine selection of Hacks designed especially for this game. Although some hacks are known from other games, most of them being first person shooters, our Hacks are modified for World of Tanks exclusively. Aimbot is fine example of this, with Triggerhack incorporated this hack works fantastic! Wallhack is more of a “Woodland” hack, but this name is commonly used so we named it the same. No reload used with Aimbot and Unlimited Ammo makes auto-fire hack. Speed Hack is especially useful for Heavy tanks, while Double damage makes light and medium tanks just plainly overpowered. No recoil/spread is self explanatory, while Invisible mod is opposite of Wallhack. Add 1000 experience and Double XP are nice boosts, although they will turn off automatically if you buy same feature with premium account. Radar hack is similar to Wallhack, but safer to use since it doesn’t change game code so drastically and is much easier to conceal. World of Tanks Cheats Hacks Tab. Using this World of Tanks Cheats tab is also simple enough; after checking the boxes next to each hack you want to add, simply press “Add Hacks” button and wait for “Hacks Successfully Added” message to appear before moving on.

World Of Tanks Cheats Premium Generator

World Of Tanks Premium Account Generator

This tab in World of Tanks Cheats is, after Gold hack, most sought feature. Free Premium account with 50% more credits and battle experience is just too god to be overlooked. You can choose to activate 30, 90, 180 or 360 days of premium status for your account. Next step is to enter your game ID and choose between “Safe mode” and “Fast mode” of connection, together with “Use proxy” option for additional security. Click “Add premium Account” and wait for the message before you can close World of Tanks Cheats and start your game with free premium account!

How To Download This Tool

If you want to download our WOT Cheats you are on the right place. Here we are offering it for free. This website is dedicated only to cheats and hacks for world of tanks game. So we need some money to pay our coders so they can update this tool and work on new features. We will collect money when you complete offer. Don’t worry it’s completely free for you. So in order to download this amazing tool for free just click on the download button below and follow the instructions.

World Of Tanks Hack Tool Free Download

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